The National Enquirer isn't exactly known for being a quality publication, but this is a new low for them: In an issue that was released just yesterday, they printed an image from Whitney Houston's private family funeral, showing the singer's body partly visible from an open casket. On the cover.

Messed up doesn't even begin to cover it.

The photo was taken from the family's private viewing in Newark, NJ, last Friday. The Enquirer goes so far as to describe what Houston is seen wearing in the photo, the headline stating that she was buried wearing $500,000 worth of jewels and gold slippers on her feet.

Obviously, people got a little mad. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton wrote on his website that the move to print the photo was a "tasteless, insensitive, morbid thing to do," while other Twitter users condemned whoever sold the photo to the publication.

Stay classy, National Enquirer.

[via New York Daily News]