The brazen Cynical Brit, Total Biscuit, brought up an issue yesterday that console gamers may not even know exists: field of view in first person shooters. FoV is, effectively, how much of the game world appears on your screen at once. Most PC FPSs let players tweak it; some don't. Case in point: The Darkness 2.

Biscuit contends that FoV is extremely important for PC gamers due to their proximity with their monitors, and proceeds to debunks 2K's arguments for why The Darkness 2 players can't alter it. Check out his video for a rather long-winded rant, during which he reveals that the game's creative director, Sheldon Carter, has tweeted that they're working on a fix. Frankly, we're impressed with their response time.

Have you noticed the narrow FoV while playing The Darkness 2? Is it an issue for you? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.