In just two weeks, Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has gone from utterly unmentioned to the talk of the NBA (and more importantly, the Internet). As you've probably heard, he's scored more points in his first four starts than Allen Iverson, Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Jordan, and any player since the ABA-NBA merger. Also, as we're sure you've heard, he's done it while living on couches.

Because he did not have a guaranteed contract, Lin had been sleeping on the couch of his older brother, Josh, an NYU dental student (second image). One night, Josh had a party and with all of the extra guests, there was no room for Lin. He was forced to occupy another individual's couch: teammate Landry Fields.

After spending the night on Fields' couch, Lin played the game that made him a literal overnight celebrity. Lin has averaged nearly 27 points and 8 assists per game since the move, and more important, the struggling Knicks have won five straight games. 

Yesterday afternoon, Fields tweeted a picture of the couch (fourth image), joking that he was now accepting bids for it. The comment was made in jest, but people would most likely shell significant amounts of cash for it. As for Lin, his contract is now guaranteed for the rest of the season, so he'll finally be moving into his own place.

The burning question of the moment: Where's he moving to?

[via The Mellow Jihadi, BergerSphere and Eye On Basketball]

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