WORST: The Voice’s Kung Fu Spot, Featuring Betty White

So, did you know that the new season of NBC’s reality singing competition show The Voice was set to debut immediately after the post-game ceremony last night? Of course you did—NBC beat us all over the head with endless reminders, from the dozen or so promos to judge Cee-Lo Green’s useless guest appearance during Madonna’s halftime performance.

The worst Voice sales pitch of all, however, was this ridiculous poor man’s Mortal Kombat, with judges Cee-Lo, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton scrapping against one another so that the last one standing can recruit the owner of a glorious-sounding voice, And who is that? Betty White, once again proving that, when all else fails, Hollywood can just call on the ubiquitous 90-year-old to save the day. Or drop sexual one-liners that are just a wee bit inappropriate, not to mention icky.