The word "hacker" saw a massive ressurgence in the past year. Anonymous, the ambiguous international collective, can take the lion's share of credit for bringing hackers back into the spotlight. From the take down of Sony's PlayStation Network, to its most recent takedown of the CIA's website, Anonymous has come to embody the term. On the other end of the spectrum is Mark Zuckerberg who, in his letter to future investors, said Facebook abides by the "Hacker Way": a culture centered around building things quickly and fixing problems along the way.

However, when it comes to hackers, we can't help but think of people who use their knowledge of computer security to illegally fatten their pockets. We're not talking about Denial of Service attacks, we're talking about Swordfish-like capers. Big money. If you think crashing a few websites is cool, read about the 8 best computer hackers of all time.