1. Bahamut

Series: Final Fantasy
First Appearance: Final Fantasy 

Bahamut is a staple in the Final Fantasy Series. His allegiance has changed several times throughout the series. Sometimes he was on your side by giving an upgrade to your abilities and armor, and other times he was a major boss in the game. In most Final Fantasy games, you fight Bahamut in order to earn a right to summon him. Bahamut had several looks throughout the years as well.

He has consistently had the same body type, but slight alterations in color and personality was enough for Bahamut to have a fresh, new look for each game. We look forward to crossing Bahamut's path in every Final Fantasy game since he has not let us down yet when it comes to a challenge, and we have reaped the benefits after each victory against this monster.

His longevity in the series, consistent challenges, and reliable benefits are what makes him the most kickass dragon in all of gaming.