If there is a book out there on the history of video game characters, there has to be a chapter devoted to dragons. Dragons in gaming emerged as early as the game Atari Adventure in 1979, and the two have become synonymous. Could it be the developers’ culture, what the dragons symbolize, or because they’re just plain awesome?

Whatever the reason, dragons found their way into gaming and took it to another level. They have turned out to be the best sidekicks and the most epic bosses. Whether it was fighting Hydus, the Sea Dragon, in Shadow of the Colossus, getting mileage out of the blue and pink dragons from Golden Axe, or being awestruck by the Mortal Kombat logo, dragons managed to be the most fun and the most memorable aspects of video games.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year and the start of the Year of the Dragon, we listed The Most Kickass Dragons in Video Games

Written by Obi Anyanwu (@obianyanwu)