Pervy dudes and gentlemen, say hello to Hollywood’s biggest party-pooper of the moment, Mr. Justin Theroux. Unless you haven’t ready a gossip blog in the last couple of months, it should be no mystery that the actor/Iron Man 2 screenwriter is currently dating Jennifer Aniston; the two met while filming the new comedy Wanderlust (in theaters this Friday).

In the raunchy comedy, from director David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models), Aniston and Paul Rudd play a husband and wife who, after losing their big city jobs, reluctantly head down south and move into a nudist colony full of free-living, happy-go-lucky residents. And, in the original shoot, Aniston herself went topless during a protest scene—that’d be quite a selling point, no?

Well, it was never meant to be for ticket-buyers, sadly, since the actress has since gotten cold feet and requested that her boobies get pixilated, according to The Wrap. The reason: She’d rather not give us the eye candy goods out of respect to Theroux, her new hubby. Whether it’s his personal doing or not, Theroux is, as of now, on our ish list.

To combat against the disappointment, we’ve taken a look back at the best examples of actresses not wimping out and actually removing their tops, for a little something we’d like to call The 25 Greatest Moments Of Female Nudity In Hollywood Movies, which, unfortunately, doesn’t show the actual NSFW moments—we’re not Penthouse, after all. Besides, you’re supposed to be mad at Justin Theroux, not us.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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