19. Teen Wolf (1985)

Chances of getting laid (1-10): 7. You’d think it’d be higher if your best friend’s name is “Boof,” but you’re more likely to get a make-out session in a closet than take someone home.

The drink situation (1-10): 3. A whole lot of beer in enormous silver kegs and clear cups. At least they’re having fun with it.

Chances of police interference (1-10): 2. All the cops love a teen wolf!

How’s the music? (1-10): 6. Lots of bad '80s synth, but there are two classic moments: the wolf dance set to “Big Bad Wolf” and the use The Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ USA” while Scott surfs atop Stiles’ van.

You pull up to the party driving your buddy Stiles’ van with him laying on top. Now that’s how you make an entrance! The party’s already spilled out into the lawn and more kegs are starting to pile in. It doesn’t even matter that there’s already a keg tower forming in the living room. The bash really picks up when two girls in whip-cream-bikinis wiggle around on the floor trying to untie themselves and Chubby has to eat an entire bowl of green Jell-O out of Rhonda’s shirt.

But that’s nothing compared to the “two minutes, anything goes” you have to spend with your female buddy Boof in the closet. You start making out and before you know it, you’ve ripped her shirt to shreds with your wolf claws. Dude, control yourself! Oh, screw it. Have fun before you go home and go full teen wolf in the bathroom.