16. Boogie Nights (1997)

Chances of getting laid (1-10): 10. You’re partying with drug-filled porno makers. If you can’t get lucky here, you can’t get lucky anywhere.

The drink situation (1-10): 8. With Reed Rothchild behind the blender, mixing up drinks, you know they’re going to be totally awesome and very strong.

Chances of police interference (1-10): 3. Heavy drug presence could raise red flags, but with Jack Horner’s pad tucked away up in the hills, you should be fine.

How’s the music? (1-10): 10. Classic, fun '70s tunes including Melanie’s “Brand New Key” and K.C. & The Sunshine Band’s “Boogie Shoes.” The music is so good, in fact, that it spawned two soundtrack albums.

Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds) sure knows how to throw a party, doesn’t he? And we’re not even talking about the New Year’s Eve bash where Little Bill (William H. Macy) takes out his porn star wife (Nina Hartley) and her lover before turning the gun on himself in front of everyone.

No, sir. We’re talking about the pool party Horner throws where he introduces his newest star, Eddie Adams/Dirk Diggler (Mark Wahlberg), to the rest of his porn stable. Diggler gets to meet his buddy Reed Rothchild (John C. Reilly) and compete in an impromptu dive competition with him. He’s told to whip it out and show The Colonel his “gift.”

There’s coke and speed and alcohol drinks in pretty little glasses. And there’s The Colonel’s date overdosing in sobbing dude’s arms. The party’s not only fun to watch, but it’s also a microcosm of where the rest of the film is about to go.