In Hollywood, slapping Academy Award-Winning actor, writer, or director on your resume is a surefire way to raise your profile and fatten up your paycheck. But the movie biz is also littered with stories of talented individuals who the Academy denied much to the shock of their peers (but not to those who understand the political machinations behind the scenes). These upsets happen almost every year, and oftentimes they haunt someone for the rest of their careers.

Some of these snubs and shocking losses have become legendary over the years, and they are still the subject of great debate amongst film fans everywhere. So before you go rooting for your favorite movies when the 84th Annual Academy Awards air this Sunday, take a look at The 25 Biggest Academy Award Fails to get an idea that, no matter how deserving you think your faves are, nothing is promised.

Written by Jason Serafino (@Serafinoj1)

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