9. Eat a Heart (Or Devour Someone Whole)

You are what you eat, and in some video games, munching on your opponents' body parts offers a little pick me up. In The Darkness II, Jackie and his demon arms can feel as good as they want as long as there's a steady supply of victims to nibble on. Some of Jackie's finishing moves grant health (the Anaconda is a favorite), but there's nothing like chowing down on the human heart to get that health soaring. Although the demon arms should really take their time to chew food slowly.

Maybe chewing isn't your thing. Alex from Prototype has a superpower that allows him to shape shift and change parts of his body into weapons. Feeling a little run down? Alex can regain health quickly by consuming his enemies. He can also take the form of the people he devours. In Prototype you really are what you eat.

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