A long time ago (Somewhere between 2007 and 2009) GRIN, the studio behind the Bionic Commando reboot, had also been working on a re-imagining of Strider. If it had, the project crashed and burned when the company dissolved in 2009: Neither the studio or Capcom, who would've commissioned the project, ever mentioned that a new Strider was in the works.

Today, Spanish games site Anait Games posted a story claiming the trailer above is a teaser for the Strider reboot, created by Spanish animation studio 23 Lunes. Game developers often outsource components of games, including cutscenes, to other studios.

Aside from providing Strider Hiryu, a staple in the Marvel vs Capcom franchise, Strider was a popular arcade action game from the NES era. There hasn't been an original Strider game since Strider 2, which was released in the US on PlayStation in 2000.

There's nothing in the video to directly substantiate Anait Games' claim, but if it is true, it's an interesting peek at a forgotten piece of gaming history.

[Via Kotaku]