Twitter predictably saw its highest traffic ever last night among domestic users, as the end of the Giants-Pats game drew a record 12,233 tweets per second.

It overtook the previous record held by Tim Tebow’s game-winning overtime TD pass on January 8, which garnered 9,420 tweets per second as well as the VMA reveal of Beyonce’s baby bump in August, which drew 8,868 TPS.

Madonna, being Madonna—and delivering both a halftime show worthy of the Super Bowl’s ostentatiousness and one of the more geriatric performances to be seen on broadcast television—also expectedly struck up a lot of chatter on Twitter. Her performance is the new number two, with 10,245.

Yet nothing gets the people going quite like anime—or at least the Japanese going. By a huge margin, the most tweeted about event globally is December’s broadcast of anime movie Castle In The Sky in Japan, with 25,088 TPS.

[via Mashable