After being turned down by the Mayor of Hoboken last month, the Jersey Shore spin-off starring Snooki and JWoww has finally found a location to shoot all of their scantily-clad shenanigans: Jersey City.

According to Yahoo, the show is expected to begin filming next month, and the Mayor of Jersey City, Jerramiah Healy, believes it will be a great opportunity to promote the city. Shooting will take place in the city's Grove Street PATH neighborhood, and with its close proximity to New York City, there is always the chance that the duo could make their way to the Big Apple before you know it.

There is no title for the show yet, and no word on whether or not any Jersey Shore alums are going to appear from time to time, but the prospect of letting Snooki loose in a major metropolitan area should be enough for viewers to tune in every week. We just hope they have a few biplanes ready in case she needs to be taken down from the top of the Empire State Building. Now that would make for a great series finale. 

[via Yahoo]