Remember the incredible chemistry between Roseanne Barr and John Goodman when they played a married couple on Roseanne all those years ago? Well, it's like the '90's all over again. 

Deadline is reporting that Goodman is set to join Roseanne once again for a new NBC pilot titled Downwardly Mobile. The sitcom, which Barr is also co-creator of, will feature Barr as the owner of a trailer park as a "surrogate mother to all of the unique people who live there in a challenging economy" and Goodman as a friend of Barr's who also works in the park. 

So, an on-screen pairing for the duo who played a married couple for nine years has not been ruled out! Regardless of romance or not, it will be a worthy watch just to see the pair collaborating once again. Such nostalgic visuals!

[via Deadline]