A Neogaf forum poster recently noticed that Best Buy's prices for PS Vita game downloads don't quite match up with expected retail prices; in fact, the downloadable versions are cheaper. Games that will retail for $49.99 look to be $44.99 in their digital forms, and $29.99 games are going for $26.99 digitally. Games that are digital-only are unaffected.

This is definitely good news—if it turns out to be accurate. There's no reason for downloadable games, with zero production costs and no need to go through retailers to get to consumers, to cost the same as physical releases. The only thing that's stopped this from happening already is corporate greed and a hesitance for publishers to distance themselves from retailers like Gamestop and Best Buy by incentivizing online purchases that leave them out of the loop.

Hopefully this'll catch on. Are you starting to get on board with digital purchases, or is it still physical or bust for you? What if game downloads were consistently cheaper? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.