Although Psychonauts only sold about 400,000 copies during its initial run, it's since become a beloved classic. Legendary designer Tim Schafer's push for a sequel went unrewarded, but hope has been rekindled by none other than Minecraft creator Notch.

His tweet last week proposing Psychonauts 2 to Schafer had the internet up in arms, and now there's even more news to lend the project credence: Schafer told Notch it would cost at least $13 million, to which Notch reportedly replied, "Yeah, I can do that."

Schafer's Double Fine and Notch's Mojang are apparently still ironing out the details. Meanwhile, Schafer's other recent funding experiment, the Kickstarter adventure game campaign that surpassed its goal of $400,000 in only eight hours, is currently hovering just under $1.8 million. Insanity!

How excited are you at the possibility of Psychonauts 2? If you've yet to play the original, well, it's readily available on XBLA, Steam and Good Old Games, so you have no excuse. Tell us your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.

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