Has anyone seen those Taco Bell commercials where Sackboy and the Modnation crew show up and ransack some guy's kitchen before leaving a PS Vita on his counter? Apparently that's only the beginning, as Sony's John Koller has told the New York Times (via Shacknews) that the device's upcoming marketing campaign is worth $50 million.

That includes commercials, billboards, retail partnerships, digital banner ads, and a Twitter campaign focusing on the hashtag #gamechanger (is Twitter charging now?). Is it just us, though, or is the Taco Bell commercial the only one that's actually aired so far? Granted, we don't spend all our time watching TV, but it seems like it's about time they started ramping up the marketing, considering the system's launch is little more than a week away.

Anyway, if you're a 20-something male, watch out for Vita ads during Tosh.0, South Park, and other shows that you obviously like. Apparently this is "the largest platform launch" in PlayStation history. Let's hope it goes better here than it did in Japan. Are you planning on picking one up? Have you seen any other ads around? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.