We at Complex were so psyched for The Darkness II, the sequel to the comic-inspired game from 2K and Top Cow, that we asked DJ/Producer Kingdom to curate a mixtape to accompany what is sure to be one of the hottest first person shooter games out this year.

The mythology of the game is built around a mysterious power handed down from generation to generation; it happens to land on crime family scion Jackie Estacado right when things in his personal life are getting, well, complicated. The power, known as the Darkness, grants him the ability to channel a mystical energy in order to exact revenge on those who have done him wrong. Unfortunately for Jackie, by the end of game one he’s engulfed by the Darkness, and can’t seem to find his way out.

Like the Darkness itself, this mixtape from bass specialist Kingdom gets inside your head and transports you to another universe. Yeah, you feel the dark side a little bit in some of these tracks, like the opening joint from Rizzla, but ultimately this collection is about mixing the hardcore and the ethereal for an experience that is both visceral and otherworldly all at the same time. Check it out here: http://agenda.complex.com/thedarknessii