10. She revealed a major plot detail about Boardwalk Empire.

When: November 17, 2011

Actually, she only appeared to. While mingling at the launch party for jewelry line Y&J Multiplicty by Robert Verdi, the infamously uncensored star of Boardwalk Empire, who once said she was growing a "period bush" for the HBO series, revealed a major plot detail of her show's second season finale (which aired last December) to one of the curious guests.

De la Huerta, who played Nucky's mistress and Van Alden's baby mama Lucy Danziger, went too far with indulging the fan with a requested "teaser" and let slip that her character's baby dies. It actually does not die, though we can't say if she drunkenly misremembered or was screwing with this person. Regardless, media types ran with the story that she'd blown a major plot line. Whether this incident had anything to do with her not being renewed for next season has yet to be determined.