Feeling lonely this Valentine's Day? Maybe you need to do a little more social gaming. According to a Valentine's Day-themed survey from Zynga, one out of ten Words with Friends players say the game has "led directly to a hook-up".

The survey, which was filled out by over 100,000 players over the past week, also says that 38 percent of players are more likely to hook up with someone if they're good at it. (The game, I mean.)

While these stats seem remarkable, it's important to remember that they came from the developer and may be stretching the truth a little. For instance, did you know that 24 percent of WoF players have exchanged their game handles instead of phone numbers... That's pushing it.

If you want more love-related Words with Friends stats, check out Zynga's Valentine's Day infographic.

[Via Zynga]