Still unsettled about reported conditions at the factory that makes iPhones and iPads in China? ABC's Nightline has a special tonight that could bring a level of clarity to the situation that was previously unattainable. For the first time ever, news cameras were allowed inside Foxconn's factory, with a journalist getting a hands-on tour of the sprawling facility.

Nightline's Bill Weir has the scoop, a preview of which can be seen above. Apple no doubt made Foxconn cooperate with this story, as it is currently in the middle of a PR offensive to repair its image following damning news about conditions at the factory.

Currently, the independent labor group the Fair Labor Association is conducting an unprecedented sweeping audit of Foxconn and all of Apple's other suppliers, the results of which will be published online.

You can watch the full Nightline special tonight at 11:35 PM ET/ 10:35 Central on ABC.

[via ABC News]