After 49 days, U.S. concert promoter Patrick Alloco is finally free from his captors following a Nas concert in Angola gone wrong

Alloco and his son (pictured above) were kidnapped last month by an Angolan promoter and held by authorities after he was $300,000 to organize a that Nas never showed up for. Though Nas paid the money back weeks ago, Alloco was still held hostage after an unnecessarily drawn out ordeal.

A rep for Alloco gave the following statement to TMZ:

"An order was entered today by Angolan authorities lifting the travel ban which prevented [Patrick] and his son from leaving the country for 49 days after [Nas] failed to show for a New Year's Eve concert."

Following their release, Alloco and his son were immediately escorted to Libson on a plane, escorted by U.S. Embassy Officials. They should touch down in Newark, New Jersey today.

[via TMZ]

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