The war between Microsoft and Google is heating up, and a new ad shows just how vigorously Microsoft plans to defend its venerable suite of productivity software against Google's advances.

The ad— which is extensive, a bit odd and unusually direct— casts a man with ominously slick hair, a multi-colored tie and a smarmy smile in the role of Google. He's peddling Google Apps (Docs, Gmail, etc.) for business users, but the wise, pant-suited woman he's targeting is horrified to learn that many of Google's apps are "experimental," not available offline, and could be canceled by Google at any time. At one point, a large black man breaks into song eulogizing ill-fated Google products Wave and Buzz.

The message? These guys are just playing around with you. We've been at this for decades.

Watch the ad in full, weirdly titled "Googlighting" (Get it?), above.

Did Google just get served, or is this weak sauce on the part of Microsoft?

[via BGR]