“Back To The Future” has always offered the best of both worlds, appealing to both ‘80s nostalgia and futuristic curiosities. Thus, props from the film, such as the DeLorean, have that sense of timeless cool.

Possibly influenced by the overwhelming success of the Nike Air Mags, toymaker Mattel has decided to cash in on the BTTF obsession with one of the true holy grails, the hoverboard.

Resurrected in all of its neon pink glory, the board doesn’t actually hover—and certainly not over water. But it is a 1:1 replica and is advertised as being “movie accurate.” It can also “glide over most surfaces” so it probably has wheels. 

However, for this thing to even hit stores, Mattel has said that it has to achieve a certain number of pre-orders in order to justify the high productions costs. The company will be taking orders on MattyCollector.com beginning March 1, with plans for release come the holidays.

[via Gizmodo]