If you were hoping to get a good look at Jennifer Aniston's twos in her new film "Wanderlust," which opens this Friday, keep dreaming.

Aniston reportedly asked for her topless scene to be cut and replaced with a more PG-rated version out of consideration for her boyfriend/co-star Justin Theroux.

"The scene was shot a bunch of different ways," said a Universal spokesperson. "And we have the best possible version."

Aniston's camp denies she asked for the scene to be changed.

"The scene is how it was always supposed to be," her publicist Stephen Huvane told TheWrap.

Originally the scene had Aniston facing the screen topless in front of TV news cameras, but was replaced with one where she's seen topless only from behind.

A source close to the film said Aniston felt odd about sharing the view of her body with anyone else except Theroux.

Seems sketchy, but hey, you never know.

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