Capcom filed a European trademark for Darkstalkers on Tuesday, indicating that the company may be considering reviving the long-dormant franchise. Capcom hasn't renewed the trademark on Darkstalkers in Europe since the release of Darkstalkers Chronicle in 2004, according to Eurogamer

The filing comes right as Darkstalkers creator Yoshinori Ono is getting ready to ship his current project, Street Fighter x Tekken. The pairing could mean that Ono will finally give fans the Darkstalkers sequel they've been waiting for.

Darkstalkers has always been considered a cult classic fighting series: gamers are more likely to recognize characters like Morrigan and Felicia from their appearances in the Marvel vs Capcom series than anywhere else.

Though Ono has always stipulated that there hasn't been enough support for the series to warrant bringing Darkstalkers back, as the resurgence of the fighter genre continues, the prospect may seem more viable than it has in a long time. In March, 2011, Ono said he'd received over 100,000 personal requests for a new Darkstalkers, up from 5,000 in August, 2010.

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[Via Eurogamer]