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As if we needed another excuse to get drunk on a Monday night, reddit has struck gold (Nugget) once again with this Pokemon drinking board game. Check out a printable hi-res version here. Just don't play with anything stronger than beer, unless you want Nurse Joy to pump your stomach. Actually, if it means meeting Nurse Joy, go ahead.

You choose a starter Pokemon at the beginning and travel through the region from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, where you'll encounter many of the original 151 Pokemon (and no more, "because fuck you, that's why"). The first player to reach the final square gets to catch Mewtwo with a Master Ball, become a Pokemon Master, and make everyone else drink in his or her honor. Then they take a victory drink, of course.

If we're still alive by the end of this we might be able to let you know how it works out. Please do the same for us in the comments or on Twitter, and remember to battle responsibly.