Have you always wanted to get married in a video game? Nor have we. BUT—have you always wanted to get in the Guinness Book of world records? Of course you have. Now you can do both! And let's be honest, you've got nothing better to do on Valentine's Day.

Trion World is making an attempt at the world record for most in-game marriages in a single day by urging players to get hitched in their 2011 MMO, Rift. They're even making it easy for non-subcribers and noobs to help out; head here and hit register (at the top) for a free account, then download Rift Lite, which lets you play up to level 20 at no cost. Log in on Feb. 14 and get married—to a total stranger, if you want—to get your name in Guinness. If enough people take part, that is. And don't worry, we're sure there's a virtual version of Vegas here for quick divorces.

Trion Worlds also sent out a lovely press release with a few more ideas on what to do this Valentine's Day, like watching hyper-violent movies, having a LAN party, drinking lots of beer, and stalking people who are in actual, loving relationships. Romantic! Hallmark would approve, no doubt.

Plan on joining the fun this Tuesday, or are you, like us, the Valentine's Day equivalent of Mr. Scrooge? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.