In the custody battle with Gabriel Aubry over their daughter Nahlah, Halle Berry is looking to pack up her things and take the kid to France. She says it's because two of her stalkers are on the loose, and she fears for her life.

One of the stalkers, Robert Hoskins, escaped from a Los Angeles area mental hospital last week. The other, Richard Franco, was released from jail on January 21st after serving 193 days in L.A. County Jail for stalking Berry.

But it's not likely that Berry will be able to make the move. Under the current terms of their custody agreement, neither parent can move out of Los Angeles County without the other's approval, and it doesn't look like Aubry is going for it.

"Gabriel feels that Halle is just being vengeful and vindictive by attempting to move Nahla to France," an insider tells "If Halle is concerned for her safety, why is she routinely seen around town without a bodyguard? Yes, she has had several stalkers over the years, but she has a top of the line security system at her house, and she can certainly afford to move to a safer location in Los Angeles in a gated community."