2. Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

Sega and Platinum Games drop-kicked our senses when Bayonetta hit consoles. The lead female who kicked an unbelievable amount of angelic ass, is full of spunk and reminds us of a younger, hotter, smarter Sarah Palin.

We could get our slash on with Shurana, whip minions to death with Kulshedra and lay down some melee mixed with bullets. She also packing a shitload of other weapons and, judging by her assets, we suspect she's hiding some extra ones back there.

Miss 'Netta is perfect for Soul Calibur, don't you think? She's mastered plenty of weapon styles that rival the best of this fighting game. The reason for putting her in this battle: She wants to wield Soul Calibur because it matches her blue stilettos.