The first batch of free DLC for Gotham City Impostors hits Xbox 360 owners today, with PS3 and PC versions coming some time later. Impostors isn't the only game favoring 360 owners lately—maybe it's time for you other gamers to switch consoles? Ha! That's exactly what Microsoft wants!

The DLC includes "The 25th Floor," a new level on a skyscraper roof with a gritty view of the Gotham skyline, as well as a new semi-auto pistol, a katana, and beans that make you fart. Seriously, you leave a gas trap for other players. When will video games get over farting?

Finally, they're adding a new fun fact and a new voice. Have you been getting your murder on with some Batman and Joker impostors? Love free DLC? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.