We love it when the worlds of video games, washing machines, rappers and homicidal fan-fiction come together. Just like in the case of the theme song for the Gameboy version of Robocop, release in 1989, which has been used in a number of disparate—but equally great—capacities since then.

For one, it popped up several years later in a UK ad for Ariston washing machines. Obviously. Then artist and game designer Chef Boyardee used it as the aural backdrop for a DIY animation in which Dilbert and his coworker Wally murder-suicide the cartoon's entire cast. Warning: watching that will make you feel totally weird and creeped out.

Lastly, Lil B's recent mixtape, "White Flame," featured the strangely pervasive song "In Down Bad." We'd like to thank Kotaku for pointing out this culture oddity, but we have a question first: how the hell did they ever find this out?

Heard the song anywhere else? Feel like going on a killing spree after watching that Dilbert thing? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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