New Yorkers are accustomed to seeing movie scenes filming in their neighborhoods and near major attractions, but even the most weathered cynics were thrown when they saw people flying in the sky over the Brooklyn Bridge with no camera crew in tow.

Had Jetson-like personal flying devices been invented without our knowledge? Were these some sort of alien life-form or just humans with superhero powers? Turns out, it was meant to be perceived as the latter. The elaborate flyers were crafted to resemble real-life superheros and get people talking, and succeeded in both, inspiring many New Yorkers to take video of their sighting to confirm they weren't crazy.

The elaborate stunt, a collaboration between 20th Century Fox and viral-marketing agency Thinkmodo, was to promote the movie Chronicle, which centers around three ordinary high school students who suddenly develop superpowers. New Yorkers, you may now return to your cynicism.

[via Discovery News]