Last week developer Critical Miss released the shocking news that they've been developing a video game adaptation of cult-hit film The Boondock Saints. Though the announcement said that we'd have to wait until the developer's panel at SXSW to get the full scoop, Critical Miss President and CEO Matt Scibilia spoke with G4, giving fans a couple of details to give a sense of the type of game they can expect.

According to Scibilia, The Boondock Saints Video Game, will be a "full-on co-op shooter," which I assume means that if you play solo you'll be saddled with an AI partner. It's being developed for Xbox 360 and PC, but said that they haven't ruled out bringing the game to PS3 as well.

The game won't necessarily follow the story of the film, but Scibilia said the game looks to "expand" on the film, while maintaining what made it special: 

"The Boondock Saints characters are so strong -- the banter, the relationships between Rocco and the brothers, the Catholicism, that will all be featured in the game," Scibilia said.

The studio hasn't decided whether to release the game as boxed retail product or as a downloadable game. Interestly, Scibilia specifically referred to the prospect of releasing as a series of episodic downloads.

Critical Miss will be showing the Boondock Saints game at SXSW, PAX East (Privately), and E3, so expect to hear much more about the game in next few months.

[Via G4TV]