David Schwimmer On Curb Your Enthusiasm (2004)

In season four of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David is cast in Mel Brooks's broadway play The Producers. His co-star is originally Ben Stiller, but after a few incidents involving Larry, Stiller leaves the production and David Schwimmer is cast in the role instead.

Initially, Schwimmer seems pleasant enough, but after Larry more or less insults the cashew-to-raisin ratio in his father's company's trail mix packages, Schwimmer turns into a much darker person. It's a huge change from the way Schwimmer is normally perceived, which tends to be as a carbon copy of his character Ross from Friends, but it makes for some entertaining scenes like this one.

Verdict: Toss-up. Oftentimes the stars who seem nicest in real life are the biggest control freak assholes behind the scenes. On the other hand, this imagined version of Schwimmer exists in a world with Larry David's character, who can bring the devil out of anyone.