Creed Bratton On The Office (2005-Present)

On The Office, Creed Bratton is a deviant, technologically-challenged quality assurance manager at Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company, a job that mostly consists of him playing spider solitare on his computer all day. He is generally not that pleasant of a person, and has no problem taking advantage of the Canadian government, stealing, and writing what he thinks is a blog. Not much is really known about his past, other than the fact that in the '60s, he used to play in a band called The Grass Roots and was a hippie.

In real-life, Creed Bratton actually did play in a band called The Grass Roots during the '60s, but as far as we all know he didn't go on to work at a paper company in Scranton or do any of the things that Creed the character does on a daily basis.

Verdict: Co-star B.J. Novak has said that Bratton is just like the character he plays, only in real life he's "good-hearted and likeable." If you believe that guy.