Love beer, driving sims and pc gaming? More importantly, do you have some extra space in your "man-cave" and $6,000 to blow? Methinks the Octane 120 Beer Arcade is for you.

It's a home arcade setup with a PC and projector built in, with "a dozen driving sims," plus full driving controls (steering wheel, seat, motor force feedback, variable resistance pedals, etc.) and—this is the kicker—room for a half-barrel or two five-gallon kegs of brew. They run straight to an in-dash tap (plus one on the back of the unit) so you can drink while you drive. Sweet Jebus.


Dream Arcade will even personalize it "to fit perfectly with the theme of your Man-Cave." Ahem. Ladies? You didn't forget about Manlentine's Day on March 14, did you? Just saying. Tell us what you think of this bad boy in the comments or on Twitter.