Last year's series finale of Smallville might have wrapped up Clark Kent's journey from small town boy into the Man of Steel, but DC isn't done with the story quite yet. According to the company's Source Blog, the story of Smallville will continue in a new weekly digital comic book series beginning on April 13 titled Smallville Season 11

Written by former Smallville writer Bryan Q. Miller and illustrated by Pere Perez, this comic will begin where the show left off as Clark finally dons the famous Superman costume to become Earth's mightiest protector. And if you're not a fan of digital comics, the company will be compiling a print version of these stories with the first issue set to be released on May 16. 

Smallville Season 11 will include new allies and villains for Clark to deal with, as well as some familiar faces that fans of the show will instantly recognize. While DC just relaunched the Superman mythos during the company's "New 52" initiative, this series is a great place for Smallville's cult fanbase to follow the version of Clark Kent that they grew up with.

[via DC's Source Blog]