It looks like people are really enjoying rubbing salt in the wounds of Patriots fans.

The Colorado-based online pawn shop, PawnGo, dropped 900 pounds of Butterfingers right in the middle of Boston's Copley Square, along with a sign that read "Thank You, Wes Welker."

Welker, who's caught more passes than any receiver in the NFL since 2007, dropped a game-changer late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVI. Yes, he got both hands on the ball, and despite whatever Gisele Bundchen or anyone else says, it was a hard catch to haul in. You have to make the catch in the Super Bowl, though.

We're certain Welker hates himself for the drop, but it's given folks like PawnGo jokes for days. Watch Welker catch 150 passes next year, though.

[via Gothamist]

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