NBC finally caved in: Community is returning to its regularly scheduled Thursday night slot beginning  March 15 at 8 p.m.

Maybe it was "Save Community" posters, Alison Brie's bittersweet dancing and Donald Glover's PSA, or maybe it was just timing. Admittedly, it was most likely the latter. NBC's Thursday line-up has shifted to make room for Community's reappearance, which means 30 Rock is sliding back to 8:30, and followed by The Office and Up All Night. Parks and Recreation has been pulled entirely, but don't start rallying just yet, it will be back in five weeks when Up All Night's season ends.

So yes, it was mostly scheduling issues that kept Community from you, but it was also your tireless calls to your state and local representatives demanding your right to watch Alison Brie. It was you that made those calls, right?

[via Vulture]