For a while it looked like the financial crisis over at MGM would kill any chance of us getting another James Bond movie in the near future, but thankfully the issues got resolved and director Sam Mendes' debut installment in the 007 franchise is moving along at a rapid-fire pace. Titled Skyfall, the 23rd chapter in the Bond series will see 007 attempt to save MI6 from attack after secrets from M's past come back to haunt her. 

While the movie isn't due out until the fall of this year, Skyfall's official website has just debuted an exclusive behind-the-scenes video that gives us a brief glimpse of Daniel Craig's return as Bond, as well as Mendes' mindset going into filming. It might not be as exciting as a trailer, but this video should put any Bond fan's mind at ease because it looks like Mendes has a true passion for the character. 

[via Skyfall Official Website]