DC's "New 52" initiative keeps gaining momentum every month by reinventing classic characters as well as putting some lesser-known heroes in the spotlight. Grifter is one of those characters that have gone from obscurity to superstardom thanks to DC's new direction. And now you can check out some exclusive preview art from Grifter #6, courtesy of DC Comics.

With pulse-pounding scripts by Jeff Lemire and fantastic art by Scott Clark and Dave Beaty, Grifter has quickly become one of the company's most consistently great books every month. For newcomers to Grifter's world, here is a brief description of what to expect from this issue:

"Grifter is way out of his element when The Daemonites hold him on a hovering spaceship where no man can get to him. Fortunately, Sofia is no man – but will she arrive before a horrific alien ceremony centering on the super-powerful Black Curate has gone too far? Cole Cash will find someone he never expected to see again, he will discover how integral he is to the Daemonite's master plan, and uncover clues that will bring him face to face with Stormwatch and Voodoo."