Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared at the Goldman Sachs Technology conference, where he laid out the company’s mission statement post-Steve Jobs and asserted his own credentials.

“I’m not going to witness, or permit, the slow undoing of [Apple],” Cook began. “I believe in it so deeply. Steve grilled in all of us that the company should revolve around great products and we should stay extremely focused on few things.” 

In what can be construed as either a veiled defense or denial of the iTV, Cook continued, “We should only go into markets where we can make a significant contribution to society.”

“And so these things, along with keeping excellence in everything at Apple, these are the things I focus on, and I think those are the things that make Apple this magical place,” said Cook. “We’re always focused on the future. We don’t sit and think about how great things were yesterday.”

[via Business Insider]