A principal at St. Stanislaus Elementary School in Winona, Minnesota, dropped the hammer on a 9-year-old for his Michael Jackson impersonation.

Lenny Boberg was giving a pretty accurate performance of MJ's "Billie Jean"(which is spelled wrong in the original news piece) during the school's annual lip-sync fundraiser early last week when he threw in the signature crotch-grab. Appalled, principal Pat Bowlin told Boberg's mother that her son's show-stopping performance ammounted to "gross-misconduct." Bowlin suspended Boberg.

Boberg's mother said that her son had given similar performances the previous two years without complaint. The Winona Area Catholic Schools' Parent-Teacher-Partnership also approved each act prior to the performance, and Mrs. Boberg says other kids performed in their underwear. The latter is clearly less offensive, right?

Bowlin continued to make it all worse by issuing a "Thank you/apology" note to everyone. He plans to meet with the Boberg's today. He must have something against Michael Jackson.

Check out the "offensive" performance below.

[via Nerve]

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