Adam Saltsman, A.K.A. Adam Atomic, creator of iOS mega-hits Canabalt and Gravity Hook revealed today that he's teamed up with Lionsgate studios to make an iOS game based on the upcoming film adaptation of The Hunger Games trilogy. Hunger Games: Girl on Fire is a touch-based action game focused on "marksmanship and strategy".

Saltsman explained in his blog that he took the project because of his love of the source material and because this was the first studio that was interested in making a game that wasn't a Canabalt reskin. While the two games may share certain elements, Saltsman says the game will be a new experience.

Saltsman may be the creative mind behind the project, but the game is being developed by a team of veteran iOS game developers including Super Crate Box animator Paul Veer, and Super Meat Boy composer Daniel Baranowsky.

Hunger Games: Girl on Fire will be released around the same time as the Hunger Games film, which will be in theatres on March 23rd.

[Via Adam Atomic]