The state of California is huge, meaning more potential for hate. A recent poll by Public Policy Polling asked 3,300 Americans over a four month period if they felt certain states were favorable, unfavorable or they weren't sure. The biggest loser: California.

Here are the other four states that joined California at the bottom of the barrel:

1.California (27% favorable and 44% unfavorable)

 2. Illinois (19-29)

3. New Jersey (25-32)

4. Mississippi (22-28)

 5. Utah (24-27)

So what was the most favorable states? Hawaii, followed by Colorado; Alaska was up there too. Also, 40% of respondents described themselves as Democrats, 37% were Republicans and the remainder identified themselves as "Independent/Other."

So much for California love, at least among these folks.

[via Gawker and Public Policy Polling]

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