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All over the world, the snack chip game is very competitive, with hundreds of different kinds to choose from. What makes one stand out more than the other?

On a recent trip to Thailand I discovered a variety of strange-flavored chips at the corner store, a 7-11. Yes, 7-11! Believe me, the 7-11 corporation exists outside the U.S., and they are thriving.

Thinking back to my Thailand bug article, I'm glad I convinced myself to try some new eats; don’t judge a chip by its name.

North America’s mundane flavors—barbecue, sour cream and onion, ranch—don’t have anything on Thailand’s special combinations. Most of the flavors tasted true to the name on the bag, and smelled exactly as described.

The Frito-Lay corporation's Asian counterpart offered the most variety and shelf-space per corner store and market I visited. That said, there are still plenty of local snack manufactures pumping out delicious snacks.

Fat Bastard Approved!

by Patrick Judabong (@buddhabong)

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