It's no secret that Zynga likes to rip people off and call it business, but did you know they're also preventing other developers from doing exactly that, and causing people to lose their jobs in the process? Yes, the developer whose most popular games—Farmville and Mafia Wars—are shameless clones (Farm Town and Mob Wars ring any bells?) apparently doesn't like it when the tables are turned against them.

Zynga brought suit against Brazilian developers Vostu last summer, alleging, "Let’s be clear – it is one thing to be inspired by Zynga games, but it is entirely different to copy all of our key product features, product strategy, branding, mission statement and employee benefits lock, stock and barrel. We welcome Vostu into the arena of social games, but blatant infringement of our creative works is not an acceptable business strategy—it is a violation of the law.”

Holy shit, that is rich. For a recent example of Zynga doing the exact same thing and not getting sued, check out NimbleBit's response to the similarities between Dream Heights and Tiny Tower. We're not saying Vostu's in the clear, which they clearly weren't, but it's a little bit ironic for Zynga, of all companies, to be calling them out on it. Apparently Vostu just got too big—they were pulling in quite a profit, after all.

In any case, the suit has been settled, with Vostu paying out an unknown amount to Zynga and changing the names of four of its games, reports Gamasutra. The company will have to lay off a portion of its 600 employees as a result.